Running Plasma Mobile in qemu

Recently new iso’s with Plasma Mobile were released (no, don’t look at the official website, you can find it on a seemingly random blog). So how to try them out? The post just briefly mentions booting in a virtual machine. You can also find instructions how to use qemu to run Plasma Mobile there, but they describe what seems to be the old way of doing things, now obsolete.

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Running Ubuntu natively on Nvidia Shield Tablet

Thanks to Nvidia’s Linux4Tegra and work of Bogdacutu and Steel01, as of today I’m running desktop Ubuntu on my Shield Tablet. And it works surprisingly well. Except some tablet-specific hardware like the modem, accelerometers and such, of course.

All it takes is to install MultiROM, patch the kernel and install the appropriate Linux4Tegra installation archive next to existing Android system and there you go:

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N900 USB port replacement

UPDATE 22.1.2018

My old N900 is collecting dust in a drawer for over a year now. However, the time to resurrect this beast might come soon:


About a week ago the USB port on my N900 stopped working. Again. This is another phase of a long battle against that strange force, which keeps breaking it. I have decided to finally give up on micro USB and find a different solution.

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Nokia N900 in the year 2015

Yesterday I had to deal with yet another issue the N900 got due to it’s aging set of applications and absence of company support. My university mail server dropped support of SSL, probably due to bugs recently found in SSLv3 protocol. Consequently, the N900’s default mail application silently ceased to check for new mail. This issue first appeared for gmail users and was solved by updating versions of Modest and tinymail in CSSU repositories. Maemo community indeed is amazing.

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