Moving the blog

Sometime last year the company hosting my blog at decided to change the rules and move all blogs hosted for free on a new domain.

This transfer wasn’t the one-click-painless process they advertised so it took a while to find out how to do it properly and get around some bugs. But here we go, this great blog is online again!

W10: Are you serious, Microsoft?

After the initial fuzz about the new greatest version of Windows, the mighty big Ten with it’s many userspace improvements (there are rumors on the Internet about the new UI being a fork of Plasma 5), the hard moments of truth are finally here. The W10 has been released! And with it many jokes about it’s new brilliant error announcement dialog windows and various bugs. Of course, it would be unusual if everything went absolutely without errors, guys from Redmond will sure get everything important in order very soon. But there are other issues at hand. Very serious ones, actually. What I am talking about are those various gaping security holes and actual Microsoft spyware, built-in in plain sight.

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Diary of an unsuspecting developer

For the last semester of my studies I have been thinking about getting some part time job. My previous and current assignments as toilet-paper replacement technician and garbage scavenger were mostly ok or even good, but I felt the time came to try something different, more demanding and respected. But my brother returned me back to reality with a statement that even for him (body builder) it is amazingly difficult to work as a shelf stacker. Tough luck.

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Woo, first post. It was quite difficult to find a decent dark theme for WordPress. The search filters seem to be absolutely useless. The standard Twenty twelve theme does have a pretty nice dark setting, though.