Diary of an unsuspecting developer

For the last semester of my studies I have been thinking about getting some part time job. My previous and current assignments as toilet-paper replacement technician and garbage scavenger were mostly ok or even good, but I felt the time came to try something different, more demanding and respected. But my brother returned me back to reality with a statement that even for him (body builder) it is amazingly difficult to work as a shelf stacker. Tough luck.

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Xfce Radeon power profile applet vol.2

Update 12.3.2016

A lot has changed since the writing of the original articles, mainly the version of my radeon driver. This method of changing graphics card performance level is deprecated and you should use a different approach. However, in my case the default balanced profile works well without any manual changes (except for image tearing on external monitors while the card is clocked high – one problem went away and made place for a new, different one).

— Old article —

After writing the last post about Radeon power profile applet, and subsequent storm of questions from my loyal readers (yeah, exactly zero of them in total), I came up with some improvements. Straight to the point:

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Wildcamping in Prague – winter edition

Seems like having a tent set up is the thing among today’s homeless. Especially the Barrandov area offers a balanced combination of public transportation availability and free space with great view. I have managed to capture a photo of a cleverly built den one of these wild creatures built.