Escaping Corona madness

After almost a year of experiencing “the new normal” in central Europe I decided to accept my friend’s offer to come to Mexico and get reminded how does it feel to live as a free (as in freedom) person.

I have booked plane tickets to Mexico City and packed my hand luggage. Of course some items were left forgotten at home but that’s the usual story. The plan was to relocate my home office for a month to a slightly more remote place and continue to work.

As there were some rumors that Mexicans don’t let people from Europe enter the country I had fresh PCR test and an invitation letter ready. At the Mexican border I got singled out along with one guy from Slovakia. The immigration officer lady was very surprised by how small our backpacks are. Apparently we are illegal immigrants who came to her rich country to look for work. The other guy had neither a return ticket nor an invitation letter so he got ordered to stay at the airport. Funny thing was that his friends were waiting outside.

I was a bit more lucky. Just had to let the lady look through all my stuff while my friend was waving at me from behind the glass door. The point of her interest were my two development kits I brought to work on. One of them being a handmade prototype. I almost had to pay 50 USD for each as a tax. No idea where that number came from. I’m still not sure if that was an attempt to get some bribe from me or an actual incompetence/stupid regulations. Also remember kids, never mention that you are going to a country for work. Do not try to explain the work is sitting in a café with a laptop. You are here for a vacation!

Apart from this, coming here looks like a good decision so far. Most of the country including Mexico City is under lockdown, but several states at the south-east of Mexico have no state-wide corona restrictions. Just some towns/establishments/buildings make it mandatory to wear a face mask. But that’s it. However looking at the state of local hospitals from the outside, I would rather contract the plague in my hometown. Let’s see how this all works out.

Update 23.2.2021:

Unfortunately I have returned back home. In the meantime the requirements for travelling have increased and in many cases you now have to undergo multiple tests, fill several forms and go into a quarantine while crossing a border. It is still worth it though.

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